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Hopefully by browsing this site you get a sense of what we’re about, but we’ll fill in some of the blanks in this little blurb. Like everything, we’re a work in progress. Basically we’re trying to have some fun while we learn about and explore this here place called earth. 

The origin story goes like this: Founder David Powell turns 40 and decides it’s time to have a mid-life adventure. Always game for anything, his wife Caroline agrees. They sell their material possessions and pack up their 3 kids into an RV to roam the country. They discover that by connecting with nature through fun adventures that their lives improve by 1) spending more time together as a family 2) having a more active lifestyle, and 3) feeling more connected to our natural surroundings. 

Seems obvious right?...but we all know how hard it can be to live the simple things we know to be true. And thus YouTopo was born... out of a love for family, fun, and adventures out in nature. We’re constantly working on creating designs and educational collections that celebrate the incredible places found on our planet and providing engaging activities for the whole family to experience them.