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The biggest star of the Northern Coast would have to be the Redwoods that blanket the landscape and shade its rivers. Redwoods have been here for an estimated 20 million years and are the tallest living species on earth. A great place to see these giants is Redwood National Park (who would have thought?). In this region you can also visit the majestic Fern Canyon, where salamanders, frogs, and banana slugs (the second largest slug in the world) stay moist and cool in a narrow canyon with walls completely covered by ferns and moss. Stroll beautiful black sand beaches at Shelter Cove in a strip of coastline known as the “The Lost Coast.” Take a ride down the Smith River, the only major, free-flowing river in California. The Northern Coast is a fantastic place to take a rockin’ road trip for the whole family. You won’t be disappointed.

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