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Top 5 Family Adventures at Rancho Sierra Vista Satwiwa

It's like Stairway to Heaven for people who love travel, art, nature, music, and getting outside for sweet adventures. Not much is better than an epic roadtrip and we've got just the ticket to get you ready.

Top 5 Hits for Family Adventures

  1. Hike to Sycamore Canyon Waterfall
  2. Sit at the bench that overlooks the area and take in the view, snack, and rest.
  3. Go inside the Chumash Home replica
  4. Check out the Satwiwa Culture Center.
  5. Bike the Sycamore Canyon bike trail to the ocean.

Pro Tips

  • Season: Late Winter and Spring, waterfall dries up in the summer.
  • Difficulty: 3 miles round trip, Moderate, not shaded trail.
  • Time Needed: 3-4 hours
  • Cost: Free
  • Bring lots of water and go early in the day. This trail is mostly exposed and not shaded.
  • Take the trail next to the restrooms to the Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center and the trail to the Sycamore Canyon Waterfall. There is no visible trailhead sign.
  • To get to the Sycamore Falls trail, cross the small bridge that leads to the Satwiwa Culture Center and chumash home . Take the trail that goes off to the right, right after the bridge. It will lead you through the meadow then up and around the mountain to the falls.
  • Going above the falls is dangerous for small children, the trail is narrow and involves rock ledges.
  • Watch out for rattlesnakes, if you see one move away and wait for it to leave.
  • Check out the native plant garden in front of the museum.
  • If you take the bike trail to the ocean you will need someone in your party to drive to Sycamore Campground to pick you up. Park at Sycamore Cove Beach.

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Standing proud and tall at 2,825 feet, Boney Mountain is one of the tallest mountains in California’s Santa Monica Mountain Range. Viewing this prominent peak, or looking out at the scenery from the summit, you may begin to wonder how these epic mountains were formed. Perhaps that’s why there is a spot named Inspiration Point along the Backbone Trail! The earth’s tectonic plates are responsible for the formation of mountains around the world. Depending upon how tectonic plates move, collide, or melt and solidify from volcanic activity, different types of mountains are formed over millions of years. Parts of the Santa Monica Mountains were formed underwater, even though they’re now the top of ridgelines! This is a dynamic place full of volcano remnants and fossils.

Distinct protected lands converge in this area, including the Rancho Sierra Vista (Satwiwa) and the Point Mugu State Park. You may still see evidence of a major spring fire that burned through the area in 2013. Historically, this place was home to the Chumash and Tongva/Gabrielino cultures. Sycamore Canyon lies in the western lands of this area, which served as an important trade route. The National Parks Service established the Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center and Natural Area nearby to honor the rich history here. Knowledgeable guides are available to answer your questions, and also host workshops, programs, and art shows. This is a great place to start your hiking adventure. The challenging trek to the peak contains slippery areas of sheer rock, so any hikers must proceed with caution. There are many easier trails to explore, too. View the waterfall in the Boney Mountain State Wilderness and a monument within the Satwiwa Loop and Hidden Valley Overlook areas. Mountain biking, bird watching, picnicking, and horseback riding are other popular activities around Boney Mountain.

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