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Family First

The origin of YouTopo all began with a desire to spend more time together as a family. Long days at work followed by a slow commute home in traffic left family time fragmented to little bits at nights and weekends. Unfortunately, it's a story all too familiar to young American families working hard to just get by. So in June of 2017 we decided a drastic change was needed and decided to sell our stuff and live fulltime in an RV. The decision was a game changer as it reduced our living expenses and allowed us to spend more time as a family while having adventures.

Adventures in Nature

Our first year of the full-time RV lifestyle focused on seeing major cities with a sprinkling of nature-focused adventures in between. While both city and nature adventures are tons of fun, we began realizing that the adventures in nature were more satisfying to our souls and that by developing stronger connections to nature, we improved our sense of well-being and cultivated a stronger love for all living things. It turns out that there is scientific data to back up our experience to the benefits of nature-focused adventures. In a world focused on A.I., screen time, materialism, and self indulgence, nature can be a healthy way to find balance, stay active, find purpose, and connect to something greater than ourselves.

Design that Delights

As a practicing Landscape Architect, David has spent the last 20 years learning and delighting in the relationship between design and nature. As a LEED accredited professional he also has a great sense of responsibility to promote sustainability and environmental consciousness. He believes that the greatest way to promote environmentalism and earth stewardship is to engage people in nature and the outdoors. Yes...movies, shows, and books are great places to learn about nature, but nothing can inspire and cultivate a love for nature like actually experiencing and engaging directly with it. YouTopo is a purpose driven company with a mission to produce fun, engaging, eco-friendly products that both educate and inspire people to get outside, connect, and protect our beautiful planet.

"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."

- John Muir