Something we all need more of

There’s never been a greater need for people to get outside and connect with nature. Humans are built to be outside. Yet the average person spends less than 30-60 minutes outside each day. The world wants you to spend more time indoors and on devices despite evidence of it's negative effects. We want you to spend more time outside in nature. Being outside and in nature is the best thing you can do for your physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Kids running through the Redwood Forest
Kid sitting on a rock in Anza Borrego State Park sketching on a notepad.

Explore. Connect. Protect.

Let’s teach our children the value of nature by spending more time exploring and learning about it. When we can’t be outside, let’s surround ourselves with books and artwork that inspire us and remind us how wonderful nature is.

It’s great to watch a video about the environment but nothing can compare to the impact of actually experiencing it. We create fun and engaging learning activities to help enhance outdoor adventures that connecting us with nature on a deeper level.

We believe that people who love nature are more likely to protect it. We want to raise a generation of nature enthusiasts who will grow up and become the humans that the planet needs to solve the ever growing challenges ahead. We’ve also partnered with 1% for the Planet to contribute a portion of our revenue to worthly environmental causes.

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Here to serve you and this place called Earth

PIcture of David Powell at Olympic National Park

David Powell

Dreamer, Father, Designer, Landscape Architect, Californian, Lover of Street Tacos, Author, Human Lint Roller, Athlete, Laker Fanatic, Procrastinator, Introvert, Waterfall Chaser, UMass alumnus, LEED AP, Boy Scout Drop Out, Sufferer of Seasonal Depression, Believer, Doubter, Former Baseball Card Collector, Minimalist, Faithful Husband.
Fave National Park: Yosemite
Fave 3 Bands: Wilco, Cafe Tacuba, Bob Marley
Fun Fact: I have unusually strechy skin
Fave TV Show: Seinfeld
Spirit Animal: Channel Islands Fox
Fave Tree: Valley Oak
Fave Cold Cereal: Fruity Pebbles
Fave Golden Girl: Rose
Fave Colonge from the 1980's: Drakkar Noir
Nicknames throughout the years: Spider, Viddie, Shmave, Wings, White Kobe, DAV.

Picture of Caroline Powell at Arches National Park

Caroline Powell

Happy Person, Mom, Educator, Explorer, Guacamole maker, Climber, Floater of Rivers, Mud Slinger, Hiker, Diligent Teeth Retainer Wearer, Up for Anything Human, Blinker User, Law Abiding, Utah State Alumna, Honest, Frugal Spender, Spanish Speaking, Sleep Lover, Snorer, Patient as a Stone, Cryer, Loving Wife.
Fave Sweet Snack: Cinnamon Bears
Fave National Park: Olympic
Fave Shampoo: Pantene
Fave Movie: Pride and Predudice (Colin Ferth version from BBC. Note: It's not really a movie, it's a "made for TV" movie)
Fave Personal Power Statement: I got this.
Fave TV Show: Friends
Fun Fact: Extremely Easy to Scare
Shameless Flex: I have Amazing Hair
Secret: I dye the patch of greys I get on the sides of my head.  

Picture of Pablo Airth at North Cascades National Park

Pablo Airth

Father of only daughters, Graphic Designer, Educator, Illustrator, Master Typographer, Peacemaker, Hammock Collector and Maker, Trail Rider, Runner & Hiker, Surfer of Snow, Camper, Kayaker, Friend, Fan of Mountains, Maker of way too Spicy Ginger Beer, Former Boy Scout Leader Who Took His Daughters On Camp Trips, Paper Folder, Lover of Japanese Vans and other Vintage Cars, Purveyor of Random Printed Ephemera
Favorite National Park: North Cascades
Current Go-to Albums: Hello Nasty by The Beastie Boys & On and On by Jack Johnson
Favorite TV Show: Parks & Rec
If I Could Have Only Five Typefaces: Akzidenz Grotesk, Chalet, Adobe Garamond, DIN, Cooper Black, Bodoni
Favorite Artist: Charley Harper
I love to Draw: Letters and Mushrooms
Favorite Software: Adobe Illustrator
Favorite Snacks: Dates, Carrots, Pecans, Dark Chocolate
Favorite fresh fruit: Chirimoya and Tomarillo