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Glacier National Park

This area of glacier-carved peaks sits within the wilderness of Montana’s Rocky Mountains, stretching to the Canadian border. It’s an excellent destination for adventure and solitude with over 700-miles of trails spanning old-growth forests, alpine meadows, breathtaking mountains, and scenic lakes. The area is known for unpredictable weather, helping to shape the Park’s 7,000-year-old glaciers. This diverse area has hosted many research endeavors, and is now experiencing accelerated impacts from climate change in the form of reduced ice and intensified wildfire.

High on the ZZ Mountain Top we find Gibson the Mountain Goat playing his signature bearded-blue’s riffs, wielding the Axe at Glacier National Park. With guitar in hoof he's clearly in his natural habitat, some call him the G.O.A.T.

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Color & Discover Coloring Book Collection

These are so much more than your average coloring book. Each page includes detailed hand drawn illustrations of landscapes, plants, and animals. They're also full of fun facts so that you can learn about everything you color. Great for adults and kids that love to geek out on nature or just relax doing something fun.